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Scaw Metals Group

The Scaw Metals Group (Scaw) is an international group manufacturing a diverse range of steel products. Its principal operations are located in South Africa, South America, Canada and Australia. Smaller operations are in Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The main product lines manufactured by the group are rolled steel (much of which is supplied to Scaw’s downstream operations), steel and alloy iron castings, cast alloy iron and forged steel grinding media, chain, steel wire rope, strand and wire products. These are supplied to the global construction, railway, power generation, mining, cement, marine, engineering and agricultural markets .

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International standards

Scaw is an ISO 9000-series accredited organisation manufacturing products to meet the requirements of the appropriate international certification authorities.

Sustainable development

As a producer of liquid steel from steel scrap and directly reduced iron from its rotary kilns, and a manufacturer of value-added steel products, Scaw is a member of one of the world’s most sustainable ­industries.

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