About us

In the first five years of its existence, KTH has made remarkable progress. Successfully implementing the merger in 2011 that created KTH has instilled in our company the shared value system and deep commitment to stakeholders that were the hallmarks of its founders. Sharpening a detailed vision to take the company into the future has focused us on becoming a leading black-owned and managed investment company with a pan-African scope. The closing of no less than 16 disposals, which realised significant value, and four transformational transactions, including two businesses outside of South Africa, has confirmed our ability to implement our clearly defined investment strategy.

Thanks to the exceptional calibre and unwavering dedication of KTH’s people and the strength of our financial position, the brave dream of an African
investment champion that applies its commercial astuteness to add value to its investments, to grow and manage its portfolio and thereby to create profound social value, is being realised.