Information required from interested parties

Interested parties are required to complete all sections of the form set out below in order to be considered to be included in subsequent bidding rounds.

Party/entity details:
Name of interested party/entity:
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Confirmation that each interested party/entity (and in the case of a consortium, each consortium member)  is acting in its capacity as principal and not as agent for any other person, disclosed or undisclosed:
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Confirm all parties are acting in their capacity as principal
Website address :
Type of Entity: (e.g. Private Company, Listed Company, Consortium)

If other please specify:
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Nature of interest: (e.g. Trade (utility) buyer, Financial Investor)

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Contact/responsible person:
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Physical address:
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Email address:
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Country of origin :


Financial Capacity and Technical Capability:
Financial Capacity:

Please indicate in the applicable box with an X which description best describes your entity. If you are registering your interest as a consortium this must be provided for by each member of your consortium.

  <ZAR 100m ZAR100-250m ZAR250-750m ZAR>R750m
Net Asset Value
  <ZAR100m ZAR100-500m ZAR500-1,000m >ZAR1,000m
Turnover (average for last 3 years)

Technical Capability:

Please indicate total capacity in each category applicable in respect of thermal plant. If you are registering your interest as a consortium this must be provided for by each member of your consortium.

  <100MW 100-500MW 500-2000MW >2000MW
Own (>20%)
Own and Operate
Plant owned and which operates as an IPP

Details of Plant:

Please provide a list of all thermal plants that your entity, or each consortium entity, owns (>20% equity holding), detailing for each plant:

Plant title:
Installed capacity:
Operating capacity:
Fuel type :
Location, country :
Role of your entity (developer, equity investor, operator):
Whether it was purchased, built as  a green or brownfield project:
Whether it operates as an IPP:
The amount of your companies equity investment in the project, or claims held, expressed in USD as well as the relevant percentage of equity and claims held:

In the case of a Consortium, this data is to be provided by all members of such a Consortium.

Financial Statements:

Please provide a copy of the latest audited financial statements of your company or entity. This is to be provided for by all companies or entities registering an interest either individually or as members of a consortium where such member will have a greater than 5% effective financial interest in the ultimate ownership of Kelvin post the Proposed Transaction.

(Only Word Document, PDF, Powerpoint, excel files allowed)