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We aim to be the leader in sustainable gold mining

Our vision is “To be the global leader in sustainable gold mining”. Translated, leadership in sustainable gold mining for us means being the company of choice for investors, employees and society.

Sustainability in this context means building mines across the world, operating them profitably over life of mine and creating shared value for all our stakeholders.

This site highlights our societal commitments and invites feedback

We have recently developed a society charter to ensure we have a set of universal principles of how Gold Fields will operate in every region in which it mines gold. This charter makes the following commitments:

…build strong relationships and trust with key stakeholders to ensure we collectively create shared value for our investors, our employees and for society in general;
measure our actions, both the value we create with our societal stakeholders and our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment;
leave an enduring, positive contribution to the communities and regions in which we mine gold; and
…strive to deliver on our promises better than the competition.

We hope that you will find this site informative and will take time to share your ideas with us. We invite you to comment on these commitments.

Your input is valuable as we seek to translate these promises to society into positive outcomes for all our stakeholders.