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Welcome to the Gold Fields Global Supply Chain

As part of our vision, “to be the Global Leader in sustainable Gold Mining”, we are intentional in developing and maintaining strong supplier relationships – relationships that are built on principles of ethics, integrity and professionalism in a transparent and sustainable manner.

Therefore, the purpose of this site is to provide a global and mutually transparent platform to inform and engage with our suppliers.

Global Supply Chain Policy Guidelines

Gold Fields Limited strives to undertake its material stewardship and supply chain management activities in a manner that is sustainable and adheres to internationally recognised practices. To this end, we endeavour to ensure value added, cost effective and sustainable service delivery that enables our operations to achieve their strategic growth and productivity objectives.

To attain the overall vision, the company is committed to:

  • Integrating all aspects of material stewardship and supply chain management;
  • Encouraging our business partners to adopt similar practices with regards to sustainable development;
  • Being the "customer of choice" by securing sustainable and value driven relationships with our business partners;
  • Continually optimising and improving our processes to ensure on-going sustainability;
  • To source, utilise, re-use and dispose of materials in a manner that is responsible with due regard to environmental, social, health and safety considerations;
  • To support the economies of our host countries through the local procurement of services where practicable, and
  • Engaging with relevant stakeholders in an open manner regarding issues of material stewardship and supply chain management .

Employees of Gold Fields Limited, play a fundamental role in achieving these objectives by:

  • Taking ownership of responsible material stewardship and supply chain management protocol and initiatives;
  • Reacting and adhering to the Group's material stewardship and supply chain management policy and principals, and
  • Integrating responsible material stewardship into everyday practice.