Transparency and accountability


King III
Implementation of
King Code of
Governance Principles
for South Africa1
Fully Integrated
Annual Report
Participant in the
UN Global Compact
(UNGC) since 2006

“Strategy, risk, performance and sustainability have become inseparable...”

King Code of Governance Principles for South Africa

Our Vision of becoming the global leader in sustainable gold mining is reflected by our integrated management approach. This explicitly recognises the close linkage between our ability to generate strong and long-term profits and the effective management of the often interrelated operational, sustainability and financial dynamics of our business.

This approach is particularly important for Gold Fields – and many of our peers – due to the long-term nature of our mining projects. It is in this context that it is incumbent on us to ensure that our business is not only profitable, but delivers economic, social and environmental benefits to the communities and countries in which we operate. As a result, these factors are built-in to how we do business and our decision making processes.

1 With certain identified exceptions (p28)