Promoting employee health, wellbeing and productivity


The health of our workers is vitally important to the ongoing success of our company. In many senses, health poses as much of a legal, operational and reputational risk as our safety performance – albeit over a longer time scale. As a result, we go beyond an attitude of ‘compliance’ based on traditional measures of occupational health and communicable disease, and instead take a more holistic view of worker wellbeing.

As part of this approach, we believe that our responsibility towards our employees extends beyond their formal working hours, to also cover the rest of their 24 hour day. Pioneered in South Africa, we spent C2010 embedding our innovative and sector-leading 24 Hours in the Life of a Gold Fields Employee programme across the company (p154). This includes initiatives around occupational health and safety, healthcare, living conditions, nutrition, education and sport and recreation.

Through this approach, we aim to ensure that we have a fit and motivated workforce that will carry us towards our production Goal of 5 million quality gold ounces by 2015.