Overview and strategy
Integrated reporting
Global presence at a glance
Gold Fields in numbers
Overview strategy
Vision of the Chair
Report from the Chief Executive Officer

 Transparency and accountability
Corporate governance
Risk management
Investors and stakeholder engagement




 Optimising our operations
Ensuring our mines deliver
Keeping our employees safe and productive
Protecting and respecting our environment
Regional overview: Australasia
Regional overview: South Africa
Regional overview: South America
Regional overview: West Africa

 Growing Gold Fields
Achieving growth through exploration
Expanding our growth pipeline
Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Statement


 Securing our future responsibly
Managing our people effectively and respectfully
Promoting employee health, wellbeing and productivity
Maintaining our social licence to operate
Business ethics

 First, second and third party  assurance
Internal Audit Statement
Second party assurance on reporting
Third party assurance on reporting: Report of the Independent Assurance Provider to the Directors of Gold Fields

 Financial Statements
Consolidated income statement
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Consolidated statement of financial position
Consolidated statement of changes in equity
Consolidated statement of cash flows
Notes to the consolidated financial statements
Company income statement
Company statement of comprehensive income
Company statement of financial position
Company statement of changes in equity
Company statement of cash flows
Notes to the company financial statements