In 1994, at the dawn of a democratic era in South Africa our hopes were writ large in the narrative of liberty. There was a vision both of nationhood for all, and of substantial improvement in the quality of life for the victims of apartheid. Even those who had been part of the previous oppressive minority were buoyed by a sense of new-found pride in a nation that could hold its head high in the global community.

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Walk Together - Education
Walking together in Education -
Outcomes and reflections on a day of exchange
and conversation at Spier on November 11, 2009.


If you missed The Big Debate: Dinokeng Scenarios series on eNews and eTV, you can view these online HERE or  www.mybigdebate.com

WATCH ONLINE:   Episode ONE:  What's behind the Service Delivery Protests

WATCH ONLINE:   Episode TWO:  Is Transformation off track?

WATCH ONLINE:   Episode THREE:  Is our Foreign Policy immoral?

WATCH ONLINE:   Episode FOUR:  Do we need a new Economic Policy?

WATCH ONLINE:   Episode FIVE:  Is Education safe in government's hands?

You can also download  the 5 weekly Independent Newspaper supplements which accompanied each theme of the above shows.  “3 Futures” were printed in The Star, Cape Argus, Pretoria News and Daily News during November 2009. These supplements are available on the materials page or can be viewed directly on  www.iol.co.za/dinokengscenarios website of the Independent Newspapers.


Three futures for South Africa


This is a scenario of “musical chairs” or “reshuffled elites”. It is triggered by the failure of leaders.

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This is a scenario where the state assumes the role of leader and manager.

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This is a scenario of active citizen engagement with a government that is effective and that listens.

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