Cash dividend and capital distribution

Taking into account the earnings and cash flow performance for the year ended 30 June 2013, existing debt service commitments and future proposed investments, notice is hereby given that the Board has declared a total distribution of 157 cents per share (2012: capital distribution of 157 cents per share), comprising:

  • a cash dividend out of income reserves of 131 cents per ordinary share. The dividend carries STC credits equivalent to 131 cents per ordinary share and no dividends withholding tax will therefore be payable by shareholders who are not exempt from paying dividends withholding tax on this portion of the distribution; and
  • a capital distribution of 26 cents per ordinary share (2012: 157 cents) by way of a capital reduction payable out of share premium.

The total distribution is payable to shareholders recorded in the share register of the company at the close of business on 11 October 2013.

Shareholders should seek their own tax advice of the consequences associated with the total distribution.

The directors are of the opinion that the company will satisfy the solvency and liquidity requirements of sections 4 and 46 of the Companies Act, 2008. Future distributions will be decided on a year-to-year basis. The income tax reference number of Aspen is 9325178714. The Share Capital in issue at present is 455 738 785.

In compliance with IAS 10: Events After Balance Sheet Date, the total distribution will only be accounted for in the financial statements in the year ending 30 June 2014.

Last day to trade cum  
total distribution Friday, 4 October 2013
Shares commence trading  
ex total distribution Monday, 7 October 2013
Record date Friday, 11 October 2013
Payment date Monday, 14 October 2013

Share certificates may not be dematerialised or rematerialised between Monday, 7 October 2013 and Friday, 11 October 2013.

By order of the Board

NJ Dlamini
SB Saad
(Group Chief Executive)
11 September 2013