Fatality-free year
1.8 million fatality-free shifts by year-end
Landmark three-year wage agreement
Ungeared balance sheet
Styldrift I declared R323 million savings to date
Immediately stopable reserves (IMS) improved from 4.9 months to 5.5 months
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The year under review

RBPlat made good progress against its strategies in 2011, despite a challenging year during which, internationally, continuing global economic uncertainty had a negative impact on market conditions and locally, extensive safety stoppages in the first and fourth quarters, in particular, made it difficult for the platinum industry to achieve production targets.

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Condensed consolidated statement of financial position
Condensed consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Condensed consolidated statement of changes in equity
Condensed consolidated cash flow statement
Notes to the condensed consolidated annual financial statements
Results booklet [PDF - 2.5MB]
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