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About the Integrated report

The 2012 Integrated report (the Report) covers the period 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 and provides an overview of Transnet SOC Ltd (Transnet/the Company/the Group).

The Report demonstrates how Transnet gives effect to its mandate through its business model, strategy, governance, financial, economic, social and environmental performance and clarifies the integration of sustainability into the core business with alignment to Government Policy.

Transnet’s reporting for 2012 consists of three volumes:

Volume 1   Volume 2   Volume 3
Volume 1   Volume 2   Volume 3
The 2012 Integrated report is the Company’s primary report to all stakeholders.   The 2012 Annual financial
statements and Corporate
Governance report.
  The 2012 Sustainability report is a review of the Company’s sustainability performance and includes a detailed index in which Transnet responds to each of the ‘G3.1’ criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Transnet assesses its application level in the Sustainability Report
at a ‘C’ level.

Income statement
Statements of comprehensive income
Disclosure of components of other comprehensive income
Statements of financial position
Statements of changes in equity
Statements of cash flows
Segmental report
Notes to the annual financial statements

Volume 1 - Integrated report [5mb]
Volume 2 - Annual financial statements [1mb]
Volume 3 - Sustainanbility report [3mb]
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Forward looking information

All references made in the three volumes to forward looking information and targets including capital investments, volumes, operational efficiencies, human capital as well as safety, health and environment have been extracted from the Board of Directors’ approved 2012/13 Corporate Plan.